The New Version of Android 7.1 Is Now Available For Your TV Box

android tv box 7.1Android 7.1 which has been named nougat is now finally here and we must say we are impressed by most of the updates but there is one huge issue which is facing android 7.1 and we must address this before we go any further. On the older versions of android such as 5.1 and even 4.4 there is a display setting in the “settings” menu where you can adjust resolution but more importantly you can manually fit the screen to your TV. This is something that android 7.1 was supposed to do automatically but why they did not decide to include the manual option seems to be a bit of a mystery. There appears to be no solution to this and it is causing major problems on older TV’s in particular.

If you are going to purchase an android TV box that has android 7.1 then make sure you buy from a good supplier who has good back up just in case the above issue does affect you. We always recommend when buying an android box as they have being around for over 3 years and are not some dodgy dealer that other sites who have come and go appear to be.

Apart from this major mishap everything else seems to be in order on android 7.1 and in general it seems to be a faster version of android but I do await the newer version of improve on this issue. We tested the android 7.1 on a T95Z Plus box which is a very good box and seems to have very issues. If you are using an older TV you might be better off with an android 6.0 TV box until this issue is fixed.

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What is the best Android Box in 2017?

An android TV box has the capability to stream content from the
internet to your television screen. The dedicated TV box will sit beneath the
television and you will be able to make the most of your investment. In
addition to the live entertainment, you can use the box to facilitate video
conferencing as well.
Kodi box and android TV boxes are available with various
configurations. The configuration varies as per the model. The processor,
memory and controls will have a remarkable impact on the performance of
the box. The Kodi media player can be installed in various kinds of
hardware and OS platforms and there will be high-level of internet
The same popular Android OS which runs on hundreds of thousands of
smartphones, tablets and other devices all over the world can be used to
play powerful content on your television. You should choose the TV box as
per the capability. If you go for a model loaded with the latest Android OS,
there will be great benefits.
The content can be played from your home network or any other local
network as well. The look and feel of the Android box varies with the skin
provided by various brands. The interface is simplified so that users will be
able to use the box very easily. For example, Netflix implements a very
simple interface so that new users will be able to explore its options quickly
without any difficulty. Some websites such as offer their own software with the android boxes.
There is a difference between Android TV and Android TV box. The content
is organized into one platform with the help of the Android TV. Even
though Android TV is powered by Android OS, it is not possible to run all
kinds of Android apps. With the help of the Android TV box, you will be
able to play content from the internet and from local networks as well.