I just broke my new refurbished iPhone!

Hi guys…sorry I have not updated this in a while! I spent the last week camping so obviously had no WIFI. We were out on a well known tourist spot called Fraser Island. It’s an amazing place where you can camp out for several days as part of a tour. There are various options such as the one linked above and we went for the 2 day camping tour that allows you take 4 jeeps between around 30ish people and drive around to see the various parts of the island.

We were only 2 of 4 designated drives as we had a young crowd and you have to be over 26 to drive one of of the jeeps as part of the insurance policy. We saw a lot including the famous shipwreck that has been there for over 100 years and we also saw loads of dingo’s! Our camp was just off the beach and we actually had a fence around it to keep out the dingo’s. Unfortunately it did not keep out the spiders and we had a few incidents of huge spiders coming into the camp and we even had one in our tent!

We went swimming one day down on a famous lake which I ironically can’t remember the name of but it was really great. I did manage to lose my new refurbished iphone there though or maybe it was stolen but either way it’s gone so until I get back to civilization I am without a phone! I will probably go for a refurbished phone again as it was much cheaper especially out here where everything is very expensive. Till next time!

Everything You Need To Know About Android TV Boxes

androd tv box home screenThere is a good chance that you have probably heard about an amazing new little product called an Android TV box. Broadcasting high-definition is not an easy task to accomplish even with all the technology that is available in today’s world. This new product is promising to do just that and so much more, but you are probably wondering if it really lives up to all the hype.

What Is This Product Capable Of?

You have probably heard of the Android operating system before. Well, this TV box is based on the same software that other Android devices operate off of. You can use this device to search the Internet for anything that you are looking for, but the neat thing is that you can control it utilizing voice commands. For instance, you can say search for best gaming headphones and the device will use a recommended search engine to perform this task. Of course, its functionality does not stop there. You can use the device to watch TV shows, movies, and even play some video games.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Just like every product on the market, these new boxes do come with some drawbacks. This first thing that you need to know is that this is still a relatively new adventure, so there is a limit to the number of services that are available for it. For instance, Amazon Prime Video is not available on some of these boxes. However, Netflix is available, and it is possible that Amazon might add their services in the near future. Be sure to check the specifications for your box, so you can figure out the specifics and be sure to choose carefully.

Where To Get One Of These Products

If you are interested in purchasing an android tv box, you should be able to find one available in just about any box store or online. Even TV manufacturers like Sony, Philips, and Sharp have begun delving into the market.

Why Bluetooth Speakers are great for traveling!

Bluetooth technology is undeniably more prominent than ever before. This technology is commonly implemented in various devices, including smartphones, headphones, and speakers. This is no coincidence. The technology is much more convenient and beneficial than the traditional alternatives. So, you can expect it to stick around for many years to come. Below, you’ll discover some of the most notable benefits of Bluetooth speakers, so you can fully understand why the technology has grown so popular.

More Convenient

Technology has given people all around the world additional convenience in many aspects of their lives. Mundane tasks are easier than ever before, thanks to the latest technological advancements. And, the best bluetooth speakers are definitely more convenient than the alternatives. With the Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll never have to worry about running the cord or physically wiring the speakers. This will make the placement and installation process much easier.

Added Convenience

Another major benefit associated with Bluetooth is the fact that this technology will provide you with added freedom. In the past, the placement of your speakers was greatly restricted by the amount of cord you had on hand. With Bluetooth, this is never a problem. Since Bluetooth is capable of connecting to the music device remotely, the speakers can truly be placed almost anywhere.

Money Saving

In the past, most speakers were powered by your home’s electricity. Although you probably didn’t consider it at the time, speakers can use a great deal of power and these devices ultimately sent the consumer’s electric bill soaring higher and higher. This is not the case with the Bluetooth speaker. These products primary operate off of batteries, so you won’t have to worry about increasing your electric bill too much. Of course, they will most likely use electricity, during the charging process.


At the end of the day, speakers, which are Bluetooth enabled, are undeniably more beneficial than the traditional alternatives. They’re slightly costlier, but the prices are easily justifiable thanks to the added benefits.

The Benefits Of Solo Travel!

One of the things I get asked most about is what is traveling alone like. People often think I am lonely or have no friends (not true!) and they are often almost suspicious of why I am traveling alone. My reply is a pretty simple one. I like doing my own thing and even though there are times when I miss my friends and would like some extra company for the most part I think traveling alone is the best thing as you don’t have to worry about pleasing other people.

So with that said I have wrote out a quick post to get my blog going about tips on traveling solo.

Some of the Benefits of Solo Travel

Even today there seems to be a stigma attached with traveling alone especially if you are a female and especially if you are going to some notoriously dangerous countries such as in South America. Traveling alone definitely helped build up some more confidence and I am much more open with talking to people that I would have not before. Before I would be quite hard to to talk to unless I have met you a couple of times. Also you are the one in control of everything so it is your responsibility to make sure everything is booked and to know where you are supposed to be at a certain time.

You will also make more friends when traveling alone as I find big groups are reluctant to open up to strangers…understandably so as there is already a big enough group and no need to make the effort with others. So when alone you can skype family members of give them a call. I picked up a network unlocked refurbished iphone Ireland before I left so I can use it anywhere in the world.

Some other things to consider bringing are a laptop or small notepad as they are lighter and easier to bring around. I would also recommend a WIFI signal booster as some hostels don’t have a great WIFI range and this can be annoying if it does not reach your room. So this is my first post and I hope I have got the ball rolling! Thanks!