How I watch Irish TV when traveling abroad

So as much as I love traveling I do tend to miss a few things from home and one of those things is a bit of Irish TV especially around this time of year as the six nations rugby championship is on. I love watching the Six Nations on RTE as I can get more of an Irish insight to what is going on as opposed to  BBC which is good but obviously not as centered on the Irish point of view.

android tv boxSo when traveling in Australia I picked up an android TV box from androidtvaustralia which allows me to watch RTE player with a VPN (virtual private network). The VPN gives me an Irish ip address so allows me to watch RTE player from Australia or anywhere with an internet connection for that matter. The VPN allows me privacy as well as doing this and can only be a good thing so you are not getting tracked (not that I am doing anything wrong anyway but it is nice to have a layer of privacy!). Also sharing WIFI with a lot of other people in a hostel I do get paranoid about people being able to access my computer via the shared network.

Anyway this android box allows me to watch TV from home and also the same can be done for BBC and ITV for your English travelers!



The Benefits Of Solo Travel!

One of the things I get asked most about is what is traveling alone like. People often think I am lonely or have no friends (not true!) and they are often almost suspicious of why I am traveling alone. My reply is a pretty simple one. I like doing my own thing and even though there are times when I miss my friends and would like some extra company for the most part I think traveling alone is the best thing as you don’t have to worry about pleasing other people.

So with that said I have wrote out a quick post to get my blog going about tips on traveling solo.

Some of the Benefits of Solo Travel

Even today there seems to be a stigma attached with traveling alone especially if you are a female and especially if you are going to some notoriously dangerous countries such as in South America. Traveling alone definitely helped build up some more confidence and I am much more open with talking to people that I would have not before. Before I would be quite hard to to talk to unless I have met you a couple of times. Also you are the one in control of everything so it is your responsibility to make sure everything is booked and to know where you are supposed to be at a certain time.

You will also make more friends when traveling alone as I find big groups are reluctant to open up to strangers…understandably so as there is already a big enough group and no need to make the effort with others. So when alone you can skype family members of give them a call. I picked up a network unlocked refurbished iphone Ireland before I left so I can use it anywhere in the world.

Some other things to consider bringing are a laptop or small notepad as they are lighter and easier to bring around. I would also recommend a WIFI signal booster as some hostels don’t have a great WIFI range and this can be annoying if it does not reach your room. So this is my first post and I hope I have got the ball rolling! Thanks!