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We deal with the British embassy every day, as UK visas are one of our most popular offerings. Below you will find a brief summary of the different types of visas available, written on behalf of our Irish clients. If you are not an Irish national visit our main site for more information on UK visas or to begin the process, take our free visa assessment and start your UK visa application online today.

British Visas

On this page you will find some of the different visas available to work, business, visit, live and study in the UK, and their requirements as stated by the UK embassy. Click on the free assessment above to find out which visa you need.

UK immigration

This page provides a brief introduction to the two pathways to permanent residence in the UK: settlement and citizenship. Qualifying for either can be a difficult process, so expert advice is essential for anyone planning immigration to UK. Click on the free assessment to find out how you can qualify.

Working in the UK

This page provides information about work permits in Britain, including who is eligible for a UK jobs visa, the difference between tier 1 and tier 2 workers and the country’s Youth Mobility Scheme – allowing young people of certain nationalities to take up jobs in the UK for a limited period.

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Immigration policy changes on a continual basis. Don’t let your UK visa application be delayed because it has been dealt with by someone with no experience in immigration law. Global Visas has a long working relationship with the British embassy, making us best-equipped to process claims than any other visa agency in the world. Start your UK visa application online today with our free visa assessment.

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